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The Art of Moving

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We're more than just a moving company – we're your dedicated relocation concierge.

We understand that every move comes with its unique set of challenges. That's why we approach each moving task with inspired passion, unwavering care, and a commitment to stress-free relocation.

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What We Do

Transforming Moves With Care

Your Stress-Free Relocation

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Facilitating seamless transitions between residences, providing customized solutions for businesses, and offering specialized assistance for seniors. We refine, enhance, and support to meet your needs.

Senior Moving

Specialized relocation support for seniors transitioning between living spaces. We provide dedicated assistance and tailored solutions to ensure a comfortable and stress-free move for seniors, addressing their specific requirements.

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Residential Moving

Moving services cater to individuals and families transitioning between various types of residences, including single-family homes, apartments, condominiums, townhouses, storages, duplexes, mobile homes, cottages, villas, mansions.

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Commercial Moving

Moving services are tailored to different businesses, including office buildings, retail spaces, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, industrial facilities, medical offices, labs, educational institutions, fitness centers, banks, and various commercial establishments.

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Video Review from Gerard Pinto

Video Review from Jennifer Stone

Video Review from Smitha & Samir Ayyar, December 2023:
2-Bedroom Apartment from San Ramon to 4-Bedroom House in Pleasant Hill.

Video Review from Samir in Hindi

How We Do

Stress-Free Moves in 1, 2, 3

Love, Safety, and Care in Action

Streamlined in 3 simple steps: we start with detailed planning, execute efficiently, and offer post-move support for a seamless experience.

Pre-Move Consultation and Planning
Pre-Move Consultation
and Planning

We begin by understanding your moving needs in detail. This includes evaluating the items to be moved, identifying any special requirements, and discussing your preferred timelines. Our team will work closely with you to develop a tailored moving plan that suits your unique needs, helping to alleviate any concerns you might have about the move.

Efficient Execution
Efficient Execution

On the day of the move, our professional moving team arrives on time and gets to work. We carefully pack your belongings using high-quality packing materials, ensuring each item’s safety during transit. We then efficiently load the items onto our trucks, always respecting your property and treating your belongings as if they were our own.

Post-Move Support
Post-Move Support

Once we arrive at your new location, we carefully unload, unpack, and arrange your items as per your direction. We aim to make the transition into your new home as smooth as possible. Even after the move, our customer service team is always ready to assist with any further needs or concerns you might have. Our job is not complete until you’re fully settled in and satisfied.

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Our Services

Elevate Your Move

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Stress-Free Service

Packing Services

Trust us to safeguard your belongings, saving you time, and ensuring a stress-free, efficient, and expertly handled move

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Junk Removal Services

Let's transform your disposal tasks into effortless opportunities to give back and make a positive environmental impact

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Labor Only Services

For occasions requiring extra muscle power, heavy lifting, handling bulky items, organizing spaces, and more

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Customer-Centric Advantages

How We Benefit Your Move

State of The Art Technology

With our modern technology you can see all your move details online, book your move, request changes and communicate with our team on your terms.

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Moving Box Trucks

Our trucks boast cutting-edge features, ensuring reliability and security for a seamless and safe relocation, providing you with peace of mind.

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Equipment & Supplies

Our trucks are fully equipped with high-quality, professional-grade tools, ensuring a secure and stress-free relocation experience for our customers.

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To Our Most Frequently Asked

Moving Questions

Start by calling Art Of Moving. We don’t just move boxes; we strategize every part of a move so we can meet all of your expectations. Just mention any cost concerns that you have, and we’ll tell you how we can schedule your move to cost as little as possible. Most movers are busiest during the summer, and on weekends during the rest of the year. You may be able to save on the cost of your move by talking to our moving consultants for the best cost-cutting tips.

Family and friends can be helpful when you need extra hands. If you know someone who wants to help, you can put them to work with moving boxes to one area of the home. They can also make easier paths for the movers by clearing sidewalks or driveways. However, on the actual moving day, there are good reasons to let the professionals handle the work. First, professional Art of Moving team members are insured, and you won’t be liable in the case of damaged property or injury. Also, professional movers are paid hourly. If you want them to work efficiently, you need to keep other people out of the way.

Estimates are based on a number of factors that can make a move more or less difficult for us. Some of these factors include: the length (in miles) for each leg of the move, the amount of time it will take our team to load and unload a truck based on the weight of your items. It’s important to remember that large trucks cannot move as quickly as cars, and are unable to use certain routes because of vehicle weight and height limitations.

Like many other teams in the service industry, movers are often tipped. However, tips are not required, and our teams expect no set amount. If you like, you can choose to tip your movers an amount that matches how satisfied you are with their effort and attitude. The general guideline followed by many is $4-6 per man, per hour. When tipping, please be aware that whatever amount you offer will be divided evenly amongst all movers and packers who worked on your move.

It can be wise to insure your property during moves, even if you’ve hired a professional team. First, damage can occur well before and after the movers have handled the property. Items can also be lost before they are moved into the trucks or before you’ve finished unpacking. You should consult your homeowner’s policy to find out how your items are covered during transit.

Unfortunately, we do not offer moving services for pets. It’s not safe for them to be transported with the rest of your items. Moves can be incredibly stressful for pets. If you can keep them with you however you choose to travel, you will be able to monitor their health and safety much more easily.

Unfortunately, we do not offer transportation for you, only your items. For insurance reasons, customers can’t ride in our trucks.

If you are absolutely sure of the details, you may be able to pull this off, but it isn’t easy. We do not recommend that you try to schedule your move on this day because things can go wrong on the closing day. A week after the move is the safest timeline.

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